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    Different types of Marbles in Indian market

    What are different types of Marbles Available in Indian Market for Home Renovation?

    Marble, in India, come in different colours – Green Marble, white Marble, Pink marble. White marbles have figure inside commonly called Moorwala or Janjarwala. Some Marble have the design like plywood they are called ONEX. There are many other varieties so any stone which gets cut in to slab, gets used for construction.

    Rajasthani Ita Gold marble

    Ita Gold marble

    Rajasthani Ita Gold marble

    From where does Marble come out of India?

    Rajasthan – near Udaipur. There is place called Rajnagar, around this we get white marble. White with figure from the khaan(mines). Now a days Banswada is not in trend but even this you get in the district beside this place. In jaisalmer you get Jaisalmer Marble which is called Ita gold. Near Udaipur there is place called Kesariya, here we get green and pink marble. You also get Makrana marble this is white marble.


    Afyon Travertine

    Blue Jeans Marble

    Blue Jeans Marble


    Bianco Carrara


    Bursa Emperador




    Mugla White slab

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